• “The Effect of 'Following' on Contributions to Open Source Communities"

Under 2nd round of review at Journal of Management Information Systems, presented at ICIS 2015 and INFORMS 2016 (invited talk), and selected as a finalist at Teradata 2015

  • “Uncovering the Intellectual Evolution of the Information Systems Discipline”

Under preparation for resubmission to Management Information Systems Quarterly, presented at AMCIS 2015, WITS 2014, and awarded the Most Promising Research Advancing Science at Teradata 2014 and the third place Winner in Interactive Sessions at INFORMS 2014

  • “Please Share! Online Word of Mouth and Crowdfunding”

Under preparation for submission to Information Systems Research, presented at WeB 2016, Collective Intelligence (NYU) 2016, AMCIS 2016, INFORMS 2016 (invited talk), and accepted at PACIS 2016,

  • “Universal Open Access to Scholarly Publications’ Metadata”

Presented at OAI10 - CERN, Switzerland 2017

  • “Financial Incentives and the Performance of Crowds”

Presented at ICIS 2014 and Collective Intelligence (MIT) 2014